About Us

logoWe are an international shipping and relocation company in Brisbane. We have a network with more than 800 locations. We serve more than 80 countries throughout the world. We have a very systematic process in place that will guide you from the beginning of the shipping or relocation process till the end. We have our representatives in every country that we serve. They give us the local knowledge needed to run the business smoothly.

Whether you are relocating temporarily for a business trip overseas or moving there permanently, we can help you move safely and securely. We have full insurance coverage, so you need not worry about your belongings once it is with us. We have our fleet of trucks and good network with transportation services worldwide. So, you can be sure that your goods or belonging with reach the destination on time. We offer a very competitive rate. We are one of the best companies in this business in Australia. If you are thinking of relocating or shipping abroad, contact us now!